My Cats

Everything you need to care for your cat

For one cat or many. The perfect app for cat lovers, children learning to care for a cat, cat sitters, catteries.


Apple iPhone 5 and up



Care for your cat from your phone

We feed them, stroke them, change their litter, photograph them from all angles and post their pictures on the internet. They blithely ignore us, purr and sleep. They’re quirky and fun and we love them.

My Cats helps you care for your cat. It holds all the information you need and want to know about medical and life events. It’s with you wherever you go so you can share essential information with the cat sitter or the vet from your phone.

How does My Cats make your life easier?

  • Immediate access to medical records and life events
  • Share information with others with the tap of a finger
  • No more handwritten lists for the cat sitter
  • Automatic reminders of regular appointments
  • Access anyone on the support team in an instant
  • Everything about your cat(s) in one place