My Horses

Everything you need to care for your horse all in one place

For one horse or many. The perfect app for horse lovers, children learning to care for a horse, livery stables


Apple iPhone 5 and up



Looking after your horse has never been so easy

Exciting. Graceful. Challenging. Full of character. Our horses so many things and such a privilege to own. In return we feed them, groom them, ride them and love them.

When it comes to looking after your horse(s), this app covers the bases. It holds all the information you need and want to know about medical and life events, the details of the support team and gives you reminders of appointments. It’s with you wherever you go so you can share essential information with the stables or the vet straight from your phone.

How does My Horses make your life easier?

  • Immediate access to medical records and life events
  • Share information with others with the tap of a finger
  • Automatic reminders of regular appointments
  • Access anyone on the support team in an instant
  • Everything about your horse(s) in one place