Your cars on your iPad

Everything you want and need to know about your cars on your iPad and available at the tap of a finger.


Apple iPad 2 and up



Whatever you do with your car, CarFacts will enhance your ownership pleasure

If your idea about owning a car is just having ‘wheels’, this app is not for you. But if you get pleasure from owning your car, like to maintain records, keep notes of your driving activities and share driving experiences with your friends – it is.

CarFacts is an app for people who enjoy cars and everything about them.

Want to find things in your garage? Keep an eye on costs? Be reminded of what needs doing? Check on tire sizes? CarFacts will help you maintain your car, enjoy your driving and save you money. Whether you have one car or many, this app will enhance your ownership pleasure.

How does CarFacts make your life easier?

  • Get reminded about what’s needs doing
  • Keep on top of maintenance
  • Know what you’ve got and where things are
  • All the details about your cars available at the tap of a finger
  • Save on repair and replacement costs
  • Keep all your car contacts in one place
  • Log driving activities and share with friends