Life Log

Everything you need to know about you all in one place

Life Log lets you see what’s going on in your life, set some goals and achieve them.


Apple iPhone 5 and up



My life managed and organised

We all have goals that we want to achieve. It may be a promotion. It could be seeing friends more often. Or getting more exercise. Whatever your goals, it’s good to have some help in achieving them. Life Log prompts you to do a 5 second daily check-in on how you are doing on your iPhone or your Apple Watch and gives you a chart of your progress.

And because what you are doing affects how you are doing, Life Log lets you record what you were up to and compare your goal achievement against your activities.

How does Life Log make your life easier?

  • Set some goals
  • See a graphic analysis of your progress
  • Get daily check-in prompts on Apple Watch or iPhone
  • Compare activities and achievements
  • Life Log is with you wherever you are
  • Helping you to achieve your goals