My Cars

Your cars in your pocket

Everything you want and need to know about your cars in your pocket and available at the tap of a finger


Apple iPhone 5 and up, Apple iPad 2 and up, Android phone & tablet: Varies with device


Free to download, then $1.99/£1.99 per annum

Your car(s) in your pocket

My Cars is an app for people who enjoy cars and everything about them.

Everything you want and need to know about your cars is in your pocket, with you wherever you are and available at the tap of a finger.

Look up the last service invoice?  Check tyre sizes? Get an email reminder of what needs doing? Find things in your garage? Its all in the app.

My Cars comes with five vehicles. If you need more, additional sets of 5 records can be purchased in-app.

My Cars will help you maintain your car, enjoy your driving and save you money.

How does My Cars make your life easier?

  • Keep all your car details immediately accessible in one place
  • Have all your invoices ready to hand to save searching in paper files
  • Get Email reminders and Notifications of what’s needs doing
  • Know what you’ve got and where things are
  • Log driving activities and share with friends
  • Keep on top of maintenance
  • Save on repair and replacement costs
  • Re-usable checklists for common driving activities