The app that helps you look after yourself

Using SympTrack to track your medical symptoms makes for more informed consultations with doctors


Apple iPhone 5 and up



The app that helps you look after yourself

We all have aches and pains. Some pass, others may be more serious indicators of a medical issue. But when we are sitting with the doctor and are asked when things started, how long they have been going on and whether they are getting better or worse, we are often racking out brains to remember.

SympTrack let’s you track your symptoms and see changes graphically at the tap of a finger. This clever app prompts you to make a record of the severity of your symptoms on your iPhone or Apple Watch each day at a time of your choosing.

You can record your daily activities in the app too. Seeing which ones could be aggravating or ameliorating your symptoms will allow you to have a well-informed discussion with the doctor that might lead to a better medical outcome.

How does SympTrack make your life easier?

  • Quick and easy daily monitoring of your symptoms
  • See a graphic analysis of symptom progress
  • Compare symptoms against each other
  • Record what’s happening in your life
  • Have informed discussions with your doctor