Track & Plan

Planning your goals. Tracking their achievement.

Track & Plan is a quick and easy way to monitor the progress of your projects


Apple iPhone 5 and up



Set and achieve your personal goals

Setting goals is easy. Achieving them is harder. We can all use some help. A bit of motivation. The reward of seeing that positive things are happening. Track & Plan prompts you to do a 5 second daily check-in on each project on your iPhone or your Apple Watch and see how you are getting on.

And because what you are doing affects how you are doing, Track & Plan records what you were up to elsewhere in your work life and compare your project achievement against other activities.

How does Track & Plan make your life easier?

  • Set some project goals
  • See a graphic analysis of your progress
  • Get daily check-in prompts on Apple Watch or iPhone
  • Compare activities and achievements
  • Track & Plan is with you wherever you are
  • Helping you to achieve your goals