Making caregiving manageable

You do a lot when you’re looking after a family member, friend or neighbor. Caring helps you organize information, stay on top of tasks and provides answers to your daily concerns. Give it a try!


Apple iPhone 5 and up, Apple iPad 2 and upAndroid:
Phones and tablets. Varies with device


Free to download, then $9.99/£9.99 per annum

Making caring easier…..

Have all the information you need at your fingertips wherever you are

Mother’s medications list is to hand to save time when you are in the emergency room

Have all the procedures your husband has had ready to recite at each doctor’s appointment

Let your siblings learn how much time you’re putting in running errands for Dad and begin to share the load

See the location of the documents so you can sell Dad’s car

Text a paid helper the daily schedule for your relative so they know what to do

Learn tips for avoiding 10 calls a day from Mom to make your day less stressful

Tips on how to reduce the stress of being a caregiver

And more and more….

Using the Caring app will help you know that you have covered all the bases no matter what the outcome

For less than $1/£1 a month you can use Caring for up to five people. If you need more records – for example you are an elder care professional – additional sets of five people can be purchased in-app

How does Caring make your life easier?

  • Instant access to all the information you need
  • Medications and medical history all in one place
  • Get practical solutions to common concerns
  • Make and share daily schedules
  • Share information with others straight from the app
  • Track time spent on caregiving
  • Separate records for one person or many
  • Plan for the future
  • Text tasks to others straight from the app