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apps that make your life easier

We develop apps for people who enjoy looking after themselves, their families and their possessions. We don’t make the type of apps that you use once and delete. We make apps that are for life.

Our customers are our biggest fans - and not just because we make cool products and give them great customer support. Some of them have been using our apps for 10+ years and are still enjoying the functionality and wealth of records that they provide.

We enjoy getting feedback from our users.  They help us fine tune our products with smart suggestions for enhancements. This enables us to produce products that are tailored to your needs.

Apps4Caring is the shopfront for Intelligent Maintenance LLC. We are based in London and Bath in the UK and San Francisco in the USA. We have been developing apps successfully for over ten years.

The key ways our apps make your life easier:

  • They help you stay organized
  • They help save you money
  • They help you stay safe
  • They offer peace of mind
  • They help de-clutter your life
  • They are intuitive
  • They are motivating
  • They are fun to use
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