PropertyCare Pro for iPad

Our premium property maintenance app

With sections for Property details, Contents, Costs, Faults, Checklists and its automated Predictive Tasks List, this app makes looking after one property or many efficient and enjoyable.


Apple iPad 2 and up


$39.99 / £38.99

Our premium property maintenance app for iPad

Keeping a property maintained can be an onerous task. Some do it themselves, others leave it to the professionals. Either way, maintenance needs doing regularly and thoroughly to preserve the value of the property and the safety of the occupants.

PropertyCare Pro was designed by a team of professionals to help individuals, buy-to-let owners, maintenance professionals and letting agents do the job. PropertyCare Pro is a comprehensive property management solution.

If you are a property manager, PropertyCare Pro is the App that will keep you organized and your client’s informed and satisfied. If you are an individual who takes pride in looking after your property – or if you are just looking for motivation to keep your property maintained – PropertyCare is the App for you.

How does PropertyCare Pro make your life easier?

  • The Predictive Task List tells you what needs doing, when and by whom
  • Comprehensive inventory records for contents are provided
  • The multiple items entry feature makes adding contents quick and easy
  • Pre-programmed maintenance templates for 500+ common contents are included
  • Predictive maintenance alerts tell you what needs doing and when
  • You can allocate tasks by person responsible, date, location and list
  • A complete record of tasks completed is maintained
  • All your suppliers and service providers are kept in one place
  • Reports for everything can be printed or sent as a PDF to staff and clients