Your home on your phone

Manage your Properties, Projects, Costs, Contents and Things to do with PropertyCare


Apple iPhone 5 and up, Apple iPad 2 and up, Android phone & tablet: Varies with device


Free to download and then $9.99 / £9.99 per annum subscription

Your home on your phone

We all care about our homes and want to look after them. We also want to keep them maintained and safe for our families and ourselves. Achieving that is not so easy when we all have busy lives.

Don’t panic, help is at hand! Need to know where things are? Track maintenance? Keep an eye on costs? Be reminded of what needs doing? Share information with the handyman?

PropertyCare gives you everything you want and need to know about your home. It gives you the tools and the motivation to keep things under control. It’s with you wherever you are. Your home’s in your pocket!

You can use PropertyCare for up to five properties. If you have more properties or are a professional property manager, additional sets of 5 records can be purchased in-app

How does PropertyCare make your life easier?

  • Save on repair and replacement costs
  • Keep records with photos for insurance claims
  • Easily record home contents as you buy them
  • Know what you’ve got and where things are
  • Get reminded about what’s needs doing
  • Keep all your property contacts instantly accessible
  • Stay in control. Achieve peace of mind