ShipShape Pro for iPad

Our premium boat maintenance app

This app is for sailors who are serious about maintenance and professionals, charter companies and boatyards


Apple iPad 2 and up


$39.99 / £38.99

ShipShape Pro for iPad is our premium boat maintenance app

Comprehensive maintenance is the key to preserving the integrity and value of your boat. The safety of crew, guests and skipper depends upon it.

Some people do their own maintenance, others leave it to the professionals. Either way, it needs to be done regularly and thoroughly.

ShipShape Pro was designed by a team of professionals to help to do that job.

If you are an individual who takes pride in looking after your boat – or are looking for motivation to help you keep your boat properly maintained – ShipShape Pro for iPad is the App for you.

If you are a boatyard or a boat maintenance business, ShipShape Pro for iPad is the App that will keep you organized and keep your client’s informed and happy.

How does ShipShape Pro make your life easier?

  • The multiple items entry feature makes adding equipment quick and easy
  • Pre-programmed maintenance tasks are included for over 200 common items of equipment
  • Hours based and time-elapsed maintenance choices are provided
  • Predictive maintenance alerts tell you what needs doing and when
  • You can allocate tasks by person responsible, date, location and list
  • A complete record of tasks completed is maintained
  • All your suppliers and service providers are kept in one place
  • Reports for everything can be printed or sent as a PDF to staff and clients