What’s in my Freezer

Your freezer(s) in your pocket

Know what you’ve got. Where it is. When it needs to be used by


Apple iPhone 5 and up



Do you know what’s in your freezer?

Why do we have freezers? Convenience, preserving, saving trips to the store, flexibility, buying in bulk to save money, storing all that home-grown veg?

Freezers are great to have but not so easy to manage because whatever you are looking for is rarely easy to find!

What’s in my Freezer is an app for people who really use their freezer. People with busy lives. People who don’t like wasting food. People who want to tell each other what they’ve got, where it is, what to make, what to buy.

Still at the office and wondering what to eat tonight? Just open the App and see what’s in the freezer. Standing at the frozen food counter wondering what you need to buy? Just click on the ‘Buy’ list. Want to know what needs making to replace what’s been eaten? There’s a list for that too!

What’s in my Freezer comes with two freezers. Additional freezers can be purchased in-app for 99¢/99p per freezer.

How does What’s in my Freezer make your life easier?

  • Know what you’ve got frozen
  • View by location and/or category
  • Know what you need to make or buy
  • Visual alerts for what needs using up
  • Save time when you need to find something
  • Save money by using what you’ve got