As of 11 November 2017, ShipShape for iPad was withdrawn from the App Store and was replaced by the new version of ShipShape. The previous version only worked on Apple iPad. New ShipShape works on smartphones and tablets (all Apple devices with iOS 10 and up and on most common Android devices).

Users of ShipShape for iPad can continue to use that app but it is no longer supported as from 11 November 2017. The effect of this is that, as and when Apple changes its iOS to a version that no longer allows ShipShape for iPad to function, the app will cease to operate. We cannot predict when this will occur as it is not within our control.

The data in ShipShape for iPad cannot be imported into ShipShape as ShipShape is written in a different base. We recommend that all users of ShipShape for iPad print out their data so that it can be uploaded to ShipShape if required.